Sebastian ‘Nives’ camel peep toes with flower embellishment

I’ve spoken a lot on this site about my love for tan/camel coloured shoes: the shade may not be as exciting or as vibrant as some I could mention, but it really does go with (almost) anything, and is a great accent shade for black, navy, green, you name it.

All of that said, the colour isn’t really the main talking point when it comes to these Sebastian peep toes, is it? No, the best thing about these shoes has to be that gorgeous flower embellishment on the toe, which comes complete with little crystals on each “petal”, almost like dew drops: gorgeous!

The shape of these shoes is also worthy of mention: the gently curved sides and 4.7″ heel gives the shoe such an elegant shape, although without a platform sole to offset the height of that heel, these may not be the easiest shoes in the world to walk in, so it’s a good job they’re pretty!

At £336, these are far from the cheapest shoes you’ll find, but everything about them speaks of quality, and they will work for just about every occasion (Well, OK, maybe not for things like skiing and rock climbing, but you know what I mean), so if you think the end justifies the means, you can click here to buy a pair from Spartoo.


  • They are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I loved all about them, the color (although not my favorite), the style and especially that lovely flower!!!!

  • They are undeniably beautiful, but rather impractical, no? First of all, even I have to admit that a 5 inch heel with no platform is just too much. Secondly, as beautiful as that tan suede is, it would get dirty really quickly.

  • Wow <- my first words when seeing these. They are pretty amazing, although the height of the heel without a platform is too much… for me anyway.

  • Absolutley lovely! I think they´re one of the prettiest shoes I´ve ever seen! If I was rich I would buy them and put them in a glass cabinet just to look at! I don´t think I would be able to walk in them at all, but maybe sit on a bar-stool in a fancy bar…

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