Chocolate Schubar tan and black bow front ballet flats

Chocolate Schubar tan and black bow front ballet flats

Chocolate Schubar tan and black bow front ballerina bow shoes, £51.99

OK, before I go any further here, I just have to say it: Chocolate Schubar. Isn’t that a fantastic name for a shoe brand? Is anyone else picturing a bar full of chocolate shoes? Just me, huh? OK, well, moving on…

This summer, I suddenly discovered a new-found appreciation for flat shoes. I’m not really sure what it was that prompted this: whether it was the horrible weather, which meant that flats were often the only appropriate footwear choice, or the fact that we seemed to do a lot more walking this summer than usual. Whatever it was, though, the fact remains that I’m currently finding myself drawn to flats in general, and to these ones in particular. As regular readers will know, tan and black is one of my very favourite colour combinations: it’s just such a classic look, and also a very versatile one, because these two colours will go with (almost) everything.

I also like the almond-shaped toes on these shoes: they make the shape much more elegant than a more rounded toe, and I’m really glad that we’re starting to see a lot more of this kind of shape these days. I don’t even need to mention the bow, here, do I?

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  • These are beautiful! I can’t wear heels on a daily basis as I’m on my feet all day. These look gorgeous AND work appropriate! Then the inside has POLKA DOTS – my favourite thing!

  • Super cute with those polka dots: they are nice and serious on the outside, and have a glittery polka dot surprise that only you know on the inside! I like an almond toe too in ballerinas, they make your legs look slimmer. My only objection would be that they’re a tad expensive for non leather uppers.

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