Topshop ‘Rule’ strappy bow sandals

Topshop 'Rule' strappy bow sandals

Topshop ‘Rule’ strappy bow sandals, £50

Every so often when I’m hunting down shoes to feature on this site, I’ll come across a particular pair and, rather than simply thinking, “Hmm, those might make an interesting post”, my thought process is more along the lines of “GIMME. NOW.”

So it was with Topshop’s ‘Rule’ sandals. I mean, these are just adorable, aren’t they? The little gold sequin bow on the ankle is just perfect (although it looks like it’s probably detachable, so if you don’t agree, you can always whip it off…), and makes a standard evening sandal something guaranteed to turn heads. Well, they’d definitely turn mine if I saw you walk past in them, let’s put it that way…

These are only £50, which is surprisingly reasonable given their overall cuteness, and they’re also available in black. I have a feeling they probably won’t be available for long, somehow, but I’m going to make a mental note to see if they’re still around at sale time!

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