ASOS ‘Gossip’ lace-up knee boots


Running shoes aside, laces are conspicuous by their absence in the shoeper shoe closet. This isn’t because I don’t like them – actually, it’s mostly because I’m too lazy to bother with them – but it is true to say that it’s been a while since I found a lace-up style I loved.

These ‘Gossip’ boots from ASOS have almost swayed me, though. They have a nice Victoriana/Gothic feel to them that I like, and I suspect the lace-up fronts will also make them that bit more adjustable than most knee boots, so those of us whose calves are either too skinny or too wide for regular knee boots will find them a better fit.

If you’d like to test that theory out for yourself, they’re £60 at ASOS.


  • Very very tempted, but I almost never buy footwear without trying it on first.

    Regarding the time taken to lace up though, it’s a long time since I saw a fancy lace-up boot without a zip as well.

  • I love lace up boots, though can’t say that I own any at the moment. My calves tend to not fit any of the styles out right now, and I’ve noticed a complete lack of zippers in all of the taller boots this season. It annoys me, because boots that would otherwise fit once I get them past the thicker part of my calf won’t go up that far.

    That all being said, if I saw those and had the money (or you know they sold them here), I’d totally go for those!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog =-.

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