Miss KG ‘Flirt’ pink marabou trim high heels

Miss KG 'Flirt' pink marabou trim high heels

Miss KG ‘Flirt’ pink marabou trim high heels

ME: I have absolutely no need for these shoes: in fact, at this particular time of my life, these shoes would probably be one of the LEAST practical purchases I could ever hope to make, not to mention a complete waste of money, given that I’d never, ever have the opportunity to wear them.

ALSO ME: God, I want these shoes: I wonder if my size is still in stock?

So, the good news is that yes, my size IS, indeed, still in stock. In this case, however, the good news is also the bad news, because, the fact is that everything the “first” me said above is completely true: I would never wear these shoes. I would be a fool to buy them. I would, however, be a very happy kind of fool, because there are few better pick-me-ups in life (legal ones, I mean) that are more effective than the purchase of a totally impractical, but absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes. You will not convince me I’m wrong about this: I mean, you can try, sure, but you will not succeed: nuh-uh.

In my defence, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for marabou trim on shoes: it’s just so glamorous and decadent, and I feel like, if I owned these shoes, I’d automatically become the kind of femme fatale who lounges around in a silk neglige all day, and never drinks anything other than French champagne. Unfortunately for me, though, if I actually DID buy them, I know I’d wake up the next morning and still be my boring old self, who has to sit in front of a computer all day, without so much as a sip of champagne. Of course, as non-glamorous as that sounds, there’s really nothing stopping me doing it in a silk neglige (Or, OK, maybe a silk dressing gown would would slightly more practical here…) and these shoes… is there?

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  • I love the marabou trend at the moment, but like you, have no reason to excuse to ever wear anything like these and thus my wardrobe remains fluffy-shoe-free šŸ˜ž

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