Christopher Kane for Topshop: the shoes


The new Christopher Kane for Topshop line hit the stores (and the web) this week, and while I’m always happy to see designers producing slightly more affordable creations, I don’t think my bank manager will be losing any sleep over this one, because I’m not even slightly tempted by any of these.

Mesh inserts (not exactly practical on ankle boots), huge rubbery platforms and tassels are the order of the day here. Personally, I think this is a collection that will only appeal to the most dedicated of fashionistas or – whisper it – people who like the idea of the Christopher Kane name – but, of course, I’m not exactly part of the demographic this line is aimed at anyway, so I’ll be interested to hear what everyone else thinks.

Prices range from £125 – £175, and you can view all of the styles available at the Topshop website.


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