Kurt Geiger ‘Belle’ yellow suede peep toes

Now that Kurt Geiger is finally shipping internationally, I figured it was safe to show you a pair of their shoes without risk of you all yelling at me because you can’t buy them! (I’m kidding: I understand all too well the pain of finding something you love, and then discovering that you’d need to move continent in order to buy it. It’s a First World Problem, but annoying all the same.)

These shoes are called ‘Belle’, and they come in my favourite colour of the season: a lovely, mustard yellow. The heel shape, meanwhile, reminds me very much of the one on my Corso Cosmo pumps (as does the colour, come to think of it), and is one of the reasons I like these so much: it’s one of those small touches which makes a big difference.

These shoes are also available in black and plum, although it took me a few seconds to realise that, because my eye went straight to the “look-at-me” yellow!

Shoes: Kurt Geiger ‘Belle’
Price: £180
Click here to buy them 

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  • Very cute, although I am annoyed at Kurt Geiger today because after your announcement on international shipping, I immediately searched for and found the Minnie shoes in grey with the pink bow, only to be told they wouldn’t ship them internationally! How rude!

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