Bottega Veneta satin wedged ankle boots

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious by now that I have an ongoing obsession with wedge shoes of all types, but, as winter approaches, with wedge boots in particular. It used to be the case that wedges were viewed as a slightly “sensible” option in footwear, but these days the wedge has suddenly gotten sexy, with designers realising that they can use all of that extra heel to create the most wonderful shapes and silhoettes.

It’s the silhoette that makes me love these Bottega Veneta ankle boots. The fabric, however, I’m not quite so sure about: I’m rather struggling to see the practicality of a pair of satin boots, espeically ones with a £445 price tag, but if you have just the place to wear such a thing, click here to buy them from Net-a-Porter.


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