Brian Atwood clear plastic Balleto studded peep toe sandals

And, just like that, yet another shoe designer jumps aboard the “let’s make shoes out of clear plastic” train. The designer in question is Brian Atwood, and as well as fashioning these Balleto sandals out of plastic he’s also added studs all over them (echoes of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Engin’ pumps, perhaps).

I don’t really want to like these, but I must admit, I don’t hate them either: in fact, given all the rain we’ve been having here, and the fact that the studs, combined with the bubbles in the heel, look a little bit like raindrops sprinkled all over the shoes, these are actually looking fairly practical to me (insofar as a 6″ heel can ever be described as “practical”, that is). I also have a feeling they’ll look almost invisible on the foot, save for the studs, which could make for an interesting effect.

What do you think of these? If you want to try them out, they cost a little more than most plastic shoes, at £1,430. Click here to buy them from Net-a-Porter.


  • I know it will trigger different opinions – OK! So mine is that since I’m the “queen of studs” – I simply love studs… then I loved these sandals! Although, to wear it would trigger other opinions – somehow they look a bit like “pole dancing”-style…

  • I’m not a particular fan of plastic shoes trend, however, these have a potential to grow on me… A bit of pole dancing style hasn’t hurt anyone. As far as I know. 🙂

    • No, it doesn’t hurt and they are gorgeous anyway… just very expensive… take a look at the answer for Mousy, below… just like Amber’s dresses, going out in a small city wearing what people consider “different” draws the attention of everyone, and I am not prepared for the way they stare… here they name these shoes as “erotic”, they are kind of very conservative… but as I said, they are gorgeous – and the price has decided against me, anyway!

  • I love these! … but I am a pole dancer (an amateur one!) so maybe it’s to be expected. 😛 I’d love to buy these for my upcoming contest but I think they might be a tiiiiiiiiny bit too expensive!

      • As an amateur I dance too and I love pole dancing! I only mentioned that because where I live I feel uncomfortable with people staring at anything they consider eccentric and they name these shoes as “erotic shoes”. No problem with the name, but the glance of people – sorry, I know I maybe shouldn’t care, but it’s such a feeling like being on stage – without really being. It’s a small city and they are not prepared for that – and I am not prepared for those people, I must confess!

  • They are a bit porn star, but I love them anyway. Given the right occassion I’d definitely wear them… although I’d never afford them!

  • Mmm, clear plastic always says “lady of the night” to me… or reminds me of those Cinderella shoes made of clear plastic I had as a kid…

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