Giuseppe Zanotti stars and stripes peep toes


I’ve never liked the look of flags on shoes – or on any other clothing, really. I think the print has the power to make anything look instantly cheaper, and these Giuseppe Zanotti peep toes certainly don’t look like $554 worth of shoe to me.

Zanotti himself isn’t American, so presumably he’s working on the assumption that those who are will come over all patriotic at the sight of these, and want to wear their flag on their feet. Is he right? If you think so, you can buy these at Zappos.


  • I think these are kinda fun, but I’d feel weird wearing them since I’m from Canada, not the States. Wearing a flag from a country you are not from seems, I don’t know, phony, I guess. I do have flip-flops with the Canadian flag on them though.

  • I’m American, and very fond of my country, but I wouldn’t wear these. The Flag Code, which is the official but not legally enforceable set of rules for the display of the Stars and Stripes, specifically says not to put the flag on apparel. That aside, as it’s something that is very rarely adhered to here, stuff that’s plastered with the flag is usually seen as kind of tacky even by people who don’t think it’s particularly disrespectful. (Although, in my part of the country, clothes with the American flag are very popular with the same set of people who like to put the Confederate flag on everything. I will not even go off on a rant about that, because I can go on for days and I’m sure no one wants to hear it.)

    Anyway, my point is that $554 is an awful lot of money for something that would probably only be worn around the 4th of July.
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  • They look cheap and tacky. I’m from America as well, and I think that wearing the flag is just…kind of sleazy, like you’re trying too hard. Still, they might be kind of fun to wear on the 4th of July, but why buy a pair of shoes you might only wear once a year? And why would you do something on the 4th of July that would dictate wearing heels anyway? Hmm.

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