Valentino Rockstud Plexi Wedges

Valentino Rockstud plexi wedges Valentino wedge

Valentino wedges, £760

Valentino’s ‘Rockstud’ heels have become one of the most famous and popular designer shoes of the last year or so, and now the brand is capitalising on the name with these studded wedge heels.

These have little in common with the original Rockstuds other than the studs themselves, and the hint of plexiglass around the vamp, which is also found on some of the more recent versions of the style. The actual look, however, is quite different, and lot less “edgy” (“Edgy” seems like the wrong world for such a popular shoe, but it’s the one that seems to fit!) than the heels, and I suspect they’ll probably be easier to wear, too. The pale pink upper will work with just about everything, and I think these will look much better on than they do in the product shot. On a foot, those plexi sections will disappear, creating the illusion of a very low-cut shoe, balancing on little more than a few jewelled studs.

I love the look of these (if not the price tag), and think they’re a great example of to use clear plastic on a shoe without it looking cheap. It’s a good thing too, because at £760, these shoes are anything BUT cheap!

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