Kensie Girl purple ‘Selina’ shoes with oversized bow

When I first spotted these shoes, I assumed the giant bow on the front was a detachable one, a bit like the bow on Kurt Geiger’s Echinacea platforms. A second look, however, seems to suggest that the elastic holding it in place is, in fact, attached to the shoe itself:

Hmm. This kind of changes my impression of these shoes: had the bow been detachable, I’d have liked the versatility of it: you could essentially have two different pairs of shoes in one, and you could also wear the bow to the side, or higher or lower on the foot/ankle to create different looks. As it’s attached to the shoe, though, I can only wonder why they decided to make it out of black elastic, rather than something that would have blended better with the rest of the upper.

All of that said, for just $49, this is a very cute style, and perfect for anyone who loves an oversized bow (and doesn’t mind a black elastic band!). Click here to buy them at Macy’s.


  • The bow is just a little bit too big for my liking, and I’m not a fan of the wide elastic, so they’re a no from me. Which is a damn shame, because They’re Named After Me!

  • I bought these shoes yesterday! (On clearance…finally!) They also come in a dark grey, almost black, which is what I got. The elastic band blends in alot better than on the purple ones. So far they seem fairly wearable, but they did start to hurt my feet after awhile. There’s a very small hidden platform in these, maybe about 3/4 of an inch, that will help compensate for heel height a bit. Over all I love them, and for $30, they were a great buy!

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