Balmain crystal bow pumps

balmain-crystasl-bow-pumpsEspecially for those of you who share my love of sparkly things with bows on them, I present one of the sparkliest, bow-bedecked things ever.

They’re Balmain’s crystal bow pumps, and they belong firmly in the “I’ve no idea where I’d wear them, but I’d love to give it a shot” files, which is to say that they’re just a little bit ostentatious.  The shape is just about perfect, though, and can you imagine them underneath disco lights? Just be careful you don’t blind someone…

BUY: Balmain crystal bow pumps, $1005


  • This is the type of shoe dreams are made of. I would wear these every day. And as long as your outfit is demure enough, you can totally get away with these in pretty much any situation you would normally wear heels. *Sigh* If only they were about $900 cheaper.

  • Must. Have. Shiny. Shoes!
    They’re gorgeous. But too expensive =[
    I already have sparkly shoes but these are so much more sparkly. Plus, a girl can have never have too many pair of shoes, right?

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