Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin red YSA heeled knee boots

Christian Louboutin red YSA heeled knee boots

Christian Louboutin red YSA heeled knee boots, $1,495

I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to explain why I’ve chosen these as our Friday Night Louboutin Fix, do I?

For the benefit of the uninitiated, every Shoeperhero needs an amazing pair of red boots. I’ve been searching for mine for years now – ever since my Shoeper powers were conferred on me during a freak accident in the Neiman Marcus shoe department, in fact – but so far my search has proved bootless. Christian Louboutin, a.k.a Supreme Overlord of the Shoe Loving World, knows of my plight. That’s why, every winter without fail, he creates the perfect pair of red boots. He does this purely to taunt me, you understand. He knows I can’t afford to spend $1,149 on boots. I let him get away with it, though, because, well, look at them.

Now look at them some more.

Beautiful, huh?

This year’s red boots are the YSA knee boots. They’re a mix of suede and leather, in the perfect shade of red, and they have the perfect, streamlined shape, too. I do realise I’ve used the word “perfect” three times now, but they’ve driven me to it, seriously.

These would look best with a blue unitard and red cape. If you don’t want to try that, though (and honestly, it’s probably best that you don’t), I’m sure you’ll find some other outfit that’s just crying out for a pair of red knee boots. A bit like I am, now I come to think of it…

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  • Hi! Love these too! I have found them second hand but wondering how the fit is? I cannot find any reviews as they are sold out, do you have any insight?


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