Shoe Kryptonite | Lanvin glitter bow satin t-bar pumps

Glitter-bow satin T-bar pumps


Glitter-bow satin T-bar pumps

Glitter-bow satin T-bar pumps


Lanvin glitter bow pumps, $1215

If you  happened to visit the Net-a-Porter website over the weekend, I’m sure you’re not the least bit surprised to see these Lanvin t-bars appearing here today, and you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you they’re already sold out in some sizes, either. They’re just that those kind of shoes, aren’t they? The kind that make ShoeperWoman start to fear for her bank balance, and other shoppers rush to drop £1215 on a single pair of shoes. 

Even if the price tag has your head spinning, however, I’m sure you can understand why people would want to own these. This is the first time in a while that I’ve declared a platform shoe to be Kryptonite – I’ve been wearing non-platforms for so long now that thick soles have started to feel a little bit dated to me – but how could I possibly resist? There’s nothing dated about these shoes, and I think the covered platform works perfectly with the t-bar strap, creating a shape that’s fairly substantial looking, but still very elegant.

I also love the contrast of the oyster satin upper with the gold leather on the t-bar, and the pewter bow: proof that you can definitely mix your metallics, to wonderful effect.

Oh, and it goes without saying that I love the bow, doesn’t it?

These are beautiful shoes for special occasions, and the type of thing you’d wear for years, without ever getting tired of. Or I would, anyway. Anyone got a spare $1215 to lend me?

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