Rupert Sanderson red, white and blue Marquita sandals

Rupert Sanderson Nautical sandals

Combinations of red, white and blue always say “nautical” for me, but I guess with all of the flag-themed fashion being released at the moment for both the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic games, the Brits (or Americans, for that matter) among you could chose to read it as “patriotic” too. Or you could just see them as red, white and blue sandals: your call.

Regardless of your interpretation of the colour scheme, however, these sandals are really fun and fresh, and would look fantastic paired with a white dress, although they’ll work well with any of the other traditionally “nautical” colours, too.

These are called ‘Marquita’ and are £575 at Selfridges: click here to buy them.


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