Miss KG ‘Memphis’ bow slingback shoes

I’ve been trying to stay away from the Kurt Geiger website recently, lest I fall into further temptation, but I ventured there today and happened upon these ‘Memphis’ bow slingbacks, which have a “daytime” look (black suede, fabric bow) and a “nighttime” one (gold glitter). Of course, you could wear either of them any time you like, but I’d be hard-pushed to choose between the two: I’m always drawn to black and cream combos, but the glittery gold is just so pretty, too!

These are £75 and you can click here to buy a pair from Kurt Geiger. Which ones would you go for?


  • Both. These are beautiful. I hate being poor 🙁
    No, not really. I’m not that poor, but these are beautiful….and maybe one day, if I’m a very good girl, I’ll be able to get them in some sort of sale!

  • So, I’m a self professed glitter whore, but I vastly prefer the black and cream ones. They are just so classy while still being sexy. Yes, please!

  • I too have been trying to stay away from the Kurt Geiger website recently but have also failed to do so! I absolutely loved these when I saw them. I personally am not a fan of glitter but this pair I actually love. It still manages to look tasteful, which I really like. What can I say, if I had the money and could wear such high heels – I would buy both!

  • Today I am happy (or at least, my husband is) that Kurt Geiger do not deliver to Australia. Because I would not be able to choose, so I’d have to get both immediately.

  • Tough choice… but I’d pick the black and cream pair because they’re more versatile for me, although the glittery gold one would make great party shoes!

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