Fericelli ‘Rhythmy’ peep toe court shoes

pewter shoes with jewelled bow pewter evening shoes with bow

Fericellicourt shoes, £119.99

I’m showing you the view-from-the-top first with these shoes, for obvious reasons: we see plenty of pairs of peep toes every day, but not all of them have such a pretty little embellishment on the toe!

These are by Fericelli, and are a little more substantial looking than many evening shoes, due to the small platform sole. They’re by no means what I’d call “chunky”, but shoes with sparkly bows attached to them have a tendency to be a little more delicate looking than these ones are. That’s not a criticism, however: it’s a nice, elegant shape, and with a heel heigh of just over 4″ inches (which will feel more like 3″ with the platform) they should be easy enough to walk in, too.

When it comes to evening shoes, I tend to go for metallics more often than any other colour. Gold or silver work with almost everything, but pewter is a great option, too: it’s a little more subtle than the other two options, but still has plenty of glamour, giving a “dressed up” feel to any shoe it’s used on.

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