Topshop ‘Rita’ two-part skinny sandals

Topshop 'Rita' two-part skinny sandals

Topshop ‘Rita’ two-part skinny sandals, £46

Well, we’ve entered the home stretch in the race towards Christmas, so there’s probably not much point in showing you anything other than Christmas-appropriate party shoes today, right? Because you may be in the mood to think about sensible boots and shoes to wear to the office, but I’ll about the Christmas party, so here’s Topshop’s ‘Rita’ – the ideal, no-fuss party shoe that will work with everything you own.

Now, Rita may be awesome, and she’d certainly be versatile, but she’s not the kind of shoe you can say a whole lot about, really, so here are a couple of other item I’m currently coveting from the Topshop website:

pink tailored trenchcoat

Pink tailored trenchcoat, £85

A lightweight trench coat isn’t going to be much use in the current UK weather conditions, so this is one you’d have to tuck away until Spring, unfortunately. When warmer weather does finally roll around, however, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this waiting for you? I think it would look fantastic with an all-black ensemble underneath, including a great pair of patent stilettos.

baby blue pleated midi skirt

Baby blue pleated  midi skirt, £50

This will possibly end up being another “wait until Spring” one (it may be just a few days to Christmas, but the stores are already preparing for the new season), but it’s another one worth waiting for – or, if you really CAN’T wait, you could always try it with a cosy sweater and a pair of boots! Or you could always just go for this:

blue jersey top

Blue jersey top, £24

I know the matchy-matchy look will be way too much for some of you: I actually love wearing the same colour from head to toe (well, almost – I’d probably go for a different colour of shoes!), and think it can be a really striking look. If you’re really against it, though, I’m sure a top like this would come in handy with something you own, no?

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