Five Pairs of Festive Flats for the Party Season

It’s the season of sequins and stilettos – and for some people, that means it’s also the season of blisters and aching feet: ouch! The good news is that not all party shoes have perilously high heels: here are five pairs of flats from Spartoo that will let you dance all night…

five pairs of festive flats

01. Moony Mood green ballerinas

Not only are these the perfect colour for Christmas, they also have a very small wedge, which means they’ll give you more arch support than the average pair of ballet flats. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that flats will automatically be more comfortable than heels, but that’s not necessarily true, and if the flats are very flimsy, they can actually be harder on the feet – as many of us have learned the hard way.

02. Antik Batik ‘Lita’ black flats with crystal toe

A classic pair of black ballet flats with  Swarovski crystal detail on the toe to dress them up.

03. Rocket Dog ‘Vera’ gold glitter flats with red bow

It doesn’t really get much more festive than red and gold, does it? These ones also have a red velvet lining, which gives them a luxurious feel.

04. Pretty Ballerinas ‘Kylie’ blue glitter ballet flats

Navy doesn’t tend to be a colour many people associate with Christmas: in fact, it can actually seem a little bit staid, and not even remotely festive. That isn’t the case with these Pretty Ballerina flats, however: they use a multicoloured glitter on the upper to add a dose of glamour to an otherwise ordinary shoe.

05. Buffalo ‘Bethany’ red suede flats

I happen to think that red shoes are ALWAYS a good idea, no matter what the time of year, but red is traditionally considered to be a “Christmas” colour too, so what more excuse do you need to treat yourself to a new pair of red suede shoes?


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