Miss Selfridge ‘Larissa’ red asymmetric court shoes

red asymmetric shoes by Miss Selfridge

The Shoes: Miss Selfridge ‘Larissa‘, £39

I know I’ve been featuring a lot of red shoes lately, and I’d promised myself I’d try to cut back, and mix it up a little, but… maybe just ONE more? Whaddya think?

The “one more” in question is these ‘Larissa’ pumps by Miss Selfridge. They have that fabulous, asymmetric shape which has become so familiar over the past couple of years, and which never fails to make me swoon: seriously, I could look at that silhouette aaaallll day.

Just to make these particular shoes even more attractive to me, they also have a gold stiletto heel. Red and gold is one of those never-gets-old combination. I know some would describe it as too festive for words, but I’ve already started seeing Facebook posts about how many days are left until Christmas (Answer: not nearly enough of them…) so maybe that’s not a bad thing in this case.

For £39, you can probably guess that these have a man-made upper. Never mind, though: at that price you can justify buying yourself a little something extra to wear with them, can’t you? Speaking of which…

red shoes and stripe dress


I really wish I’d found this dress when it first came out – i.e. before it sold out in my size. IT’s from good ol’ Marks & Spencer, which means it’s pretty affordable (£49.50, to be exact), but it’s more or less the perfect stripe dress as far as I’m concerned: fitted (but not bodycon ) shape, high neck (which I prefer with a fitted shape), stripe pattern. It was just sitting there on the M&S website, BEGGING to be teamed up with a pair of bright red shoes, so it was a case of ShoeperWoman to the rescue! Well, you wouldn’t expect me to ignore the cries of a dress in need, would you?

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