Kurt Geiger ‘Beverley’ glittered leather sandals

Kurt Geiger 'Beverley' glittered leather sandals Kurt Geiger 'Beverley' glittered leather sandals

Kurt Geiger ‘Beverley’ glittered leather sandals, £270

OK, before I go any further with this one, I just need to get something off my chest: I really wish Kurt Geiger would stop adding pin heels to everything. So many of their shoes right now have this slim gold heel, and while I get that they’re possibly trying to create a “signature” look, it’s one that puts me off slightly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this style of heel enough to not buy a shoe that I otherwise loved, but I’d have to REALLY love the rest of the design to be able to get past it. It’s not the worst thing in the shoe world, obviously (Crocs are the worst thing in the shoe world, for sure…), but I tend to think any shoe with a pin heel would look better with a regular one instead. I realise that’s purely a matter of personal taste, though, so moving onto Beverely here…

I love these. Yes, enough to overlook the heel. (Although probably NOT enough to overlook the price, unfortunately. Ah well, we can’t have everything!) At first glance, I thought the upper was glitter, but it’s actually a glittered leather, which is no less glamorous, but perhaps a little more hard- wearing: i.e. you won’t find yourself picking glitter off the carpet for days after you wear them.

It’s the shape, however, which guarantees I’d still love these, regardless of the style of the heel or the colour of the upper. That extreme curve to the d’orsay cut sides is truly stunning, and the kind of style that’s guaranteed to set my heart racing.

Here’s an outfit to wear with them:

lemon dress and silver shoes

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