Two Pairs of Low heeled wedges from Next

gold low-heeled wedges

pointed silver wedges

Gold wedges, £28 |  Silver wedges, £55

If you read my personal style blog, you may have noticed I’ve been wearing flats a lot more than usual this summer. This has been through necessity rather than choice: when the weather’s warm, Shoeperman and I like to take the opportunity to get out and enjoy it, and most of the things we’ve been getting up to haven’t really been compatible with heels, hence the switch to flats.

Now, I love flats, I really do. Unfortunately, though, they don’t love me, and serve only to emphasise the shortness of my legs in comparison to my long torso (heels help balance this out, and make my body look more in proportion: just one of the reasons I love them!), which makes me feel stumpy, frumpy, and generally awkward. Because of this, I feel like I’ve spent the entire summer on an endless hunt for shoes that are comfortable enough to walk for miles in, but which still give me a bit of extra height. Normally my beloved platform wedges fill this role pretty well, but they don’t go with everything (I’ve also been searching for a nude or gold pair to replace the ones I wore to death last summer, but so far no luck), and even they can start to pinch after several hours of walking, so what’s a shoeperhero to do?

Well, these low wedges from Next may not be perfect, but I definitely think they’d be a step in the right direct. With their streamlined shape and pointed toes, they have a sleek, classic shape which I love, but they also have a very small wedge heel, to give me just a bit of extra height. Maybe not quite enough as I’d like, mind you, but still more than I’d get from a regular pair of flats. Judging by the photos on the Next website, they look better on than they do in the photos, and, of course, the metallic uppers get the thumbs up from me!

what to wear with silver wedges

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