Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin gold/multicoloured studded pumps

Christian Louboutin gold studded pumps

Christian Louboutin gold studded pumps, £906

I honestly don’t know how Christian Louboutin does it. Seriously, how does he manage to keep on producing the same studded shoe, in the same, pointed-toe shape, and still somehow manage to make it look different every time? (Well, sort of different, anyway: obviously all of the studded styles I’ve featured by Louboutin have the same general look and feel: no matter how often I see them, though, they still always make me want to stop and take a closer look, which is definitely an achievement!)

This particular pair of studded pumps have a gold leather upper, dotted with muticoloured studs, and finished off with a slender stiletto heel, in the same red as that iconic sole. The overall effect reminds me very much of a Christmas gift, or a bauble for your tree, and I guess that’s fitting, given the time of year: whether you buy these yourself, to see you through the Christmas party season, or simply hope Father Christmas considers your behaviour good enough to warrant them , I very much doubt you’d be disappointed.

Of course, your behaviour would have to have been exceptionally good this year in order to justify these. They’re £906, and while I can only speak for myself, my experience is that ShoeperMan never seems to view shoes as the “investment” I like to think they are, and arguments like, “But just imagine all the different outfits I could wear with them!” or “We could use them as artwork: they’d look amazing on the mmantelpiece” are lost on him, too.

Oh well, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope Father Christmas IS actually real, and that he takes pity on me. And if he can’t quite stretch to these shoes, almost any other pair from the current Louboutin collection would be equally welcome!

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