Shoe of the Day | Matalan green asymmetric ankle strap stilettos

green suede shoes

Matalan green asymmetric pumps, £18

There once was a time when a large percentage of my shoe collection came from Matalan, but I somehow got out of the habit of checking them out – probably because I always used to visit the store in person, as opposed to shopping online, and now that I don’t have a store close to me, I tend to forget all about it!

Well, I’m rectifying that today, having had a good ol’ look at the shoe section of the Matalan website. I found a lot there to love, but I think my favourites would have to be these forest green asymmetric pumps, which also come in black and pink.

I’m sure the shape of these will be familiar to any shoe lover: they’re very similar to those notorious Zara asymmetric pumps, versions of which have been popping up all over the place, ever since they were released. This version is (obviously) a different colour, and it also comes with a narrow ankle strap. I’ll be honest: I could live without the strap, and don’t think it’s really necessary to the design, but I like the colour and style enough to pretend I didn’t see the strap.

retro dress and green shoes


This dress is another one by Jolie Moi, and, like the last dress I featured from this brand, it’s a little more summery than I’d usually go for at this time of year. It is, however, currently on sale, so I save it for spring, you’ll lose the opportunity to buy it, and that would be a tragedy, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you did want to wear this now, it could just about work for evening, although you may want to throw a cardigan over the top to keep yourself warm. A tulle petticoat underneath could also look fantastic!

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