ASOS blue suede platform ‘Primavera’ shoes

Oh, great: I’m going to have Elvis in my head ALL afternoon now! And granted, these aren’t quite the kind of “blue suede shoes” he was talking about, but if they were mine, I wouldn’t want anyone to step on them either. I love everything about these shoes: the colour is the obvious attraction (and hey, I don’t believe I currently own a pair of shoes in this particular shade of blue!), but the shape is also a draw for me, because although the platform is large, the heel has a slight curve to it, and the toe is fairly pointed, making these look a little less clumpy than many other platform designs.

These are also available in black, and if I didn’t already own more than enough pairs of black shoes already, I’d be coveting those, too. As it is, I’ll stick to the blue pair, which are £65 at ASOS.

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