Black leather over-the-knee clog boots from Next

These are the kind of boots I know I probably shouldn’t like – they have a bit of a “Santa’s Little Helper” vibe about them, and then there’s the whole “clog” thing – but as the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, I find myself wanting to abandon all hope and embrace any kind of shoe that will just keep me warm. And hey, you have to admit, these are a whole lot better than Uggs!

I would have to see these in real life to know whether they’d be worth £95 to me. I know some of the cheaper brands only put the warm “lining” on the top of the boot (New Look are guilty of this, although for the prices they charge it’s not surprising), so you get the LOOK of a super-cosy boot without all of the benefits of them. If these are, indeed, lined all the way to the toe, however, I think I could get over any lingering ‘Father Christmas’ associations and just enjoy the feeling of warm toes. I still prefer Topshop’s shearling over-the-knee boots, but these ones are a little bit cheaper: click here to buy them from Next.


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