Shoeper Style | Red retro cat eye sunglasses from River Island

red winged sunglasses


retro cat eye sunglasses

Red winged sunglasses and retro cat eye sunglasses, both £13

As some of you know, I’m almost as obsessed with sunglasses as I am with shoes, and I’ve amassed quite a collection, mostly focusing on retro cat eye styles, which work best with my mostly retro-inspired outfits.

I wear sunglasses on all but the very dullest days, and find it creates quite a stir amongst people who think it’s silly to wear sunglasses “when it’s not even summer”, or who assume I do it “just for the photos”. Well, I won’t deny that wearing sunglasses makes it a whole lot easier to take outfit photos (I’m a chronic blinker, so when I don’t wear my sunglasses I usually end up with a memory card full of un-usable photos of me with my eyes closed!), but that’s not why I wear them. Actually, I have very light-sensitive eyes, and am prone to light-triggered migraines, so even on days which don’t seem particularly bright to other people, the daylight will really bother my eyes and make them water. (That, combined with the perma-squint I adopt against the glare, doesn’t make for great photos either, obviously!) Because of that, I never leave house without at least one pair stashed in my handbag, and they’re one of the items I’m happy to spend a bit more on: given that I wear them so much, I always get my money’s worth, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a bargain when I see one – which brings me (finally) to these fabulous, retro cat eye sunglasses from River Island.

Red isn’t a colour I can wear close to my face, unfortunately, but if I could, I’d be snapping up these in a heartbeat. I like both pairs, but particularly love the top pair, which I would never have guessed cost £13: they remind me of glasses by Prada or Miu Miu, rather than by River Island, which makes the price tag even more refreshing!

Here’s how I’d style them: obviously retro cat eye sunglasses call for an equally retro outfit, so…

50s-inspired outfit with retro cat eye sunglasses

What to wear with retro cat eye sunglasses:

top // skirt // shoes // bag

The shoes you’ve seen before: they’re the red Zara flats I bought a few weeks ago, and which are destined to be a mainstay of my wardrobe this spring/summer. The skirt, meanwhile, is also by River Island (as is the top), and is leather, which I think adds a little bit of an edge, and gives the outfit a slightly more contemporary feel. Finally, the bag is by Charlotte Olympia, and while the price-tag is absolutely ridiculous, I just love the little red cat eye sunglasses on the handle: such a cute little touch!

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  • I love the whole look! (I love sunglasses too but I hardly ever wear them as I always forget them at home and I hate – and this may be just because I have a crocked nose after having it broken – how after I wear glasses and then take them off they leave marks on my nose bone. Thus I only wear sunglasses when – I remember to take them with me and – I know I won’t be having to take them off – which obviously isn’t too often.)

    Does the mark thing happen to other people too? At the place where the glasses sit on the nose… I’ve always wondered if this was just me.

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