Sophia Webster ‘Lola’ Heart-Wedge Pointed Pump

Sophia Webster 'Lola' heart-print wedges

Sophia Webster ‘Lola’, £251

As much as I love Sophia Webster’s shoes (And I really, really love Sophia Webster’s shoes…) I often find myself wishing they had just ONE less detail. In the case of these ‘Lola’ wedges, for instance, I think they could easily lose either the hearts OR the stripes, and still look amazing. They’d be a little plainer, sure, and I know for some people that would translate as “a little more boring”, but while I like both prints separately, the combination of the two is a bit too “busy” for my personal taste.

Mixed prints, however, are something of a Sophia Webster trademark, and the designer is obviously doing something right if her growing success is anything to go by, so rather than complain about the heel, I’ll simply focus on the perfect, baby-pink colour of these shoes, the ladylike little bow, and the elegantly pointed toe. Oh, and although I’ve shown you this print before, on the last pair of Sophia Webster shoes I featured here, I just have to show it again on these:

heart print wedge shoes

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SO cute and summery. Love ’em.

But back to the first colourway, and how to style it. You can probably guess what colour I’m going to go for here, right?

what to wear with pink wedge shoes

How to wear a midi skirt:

skirt// top // sunglasses // clutch

Yup, it’s pink. OF COURSE it is. Oh come on, it’s been at least a week since the last time: I have to have SOME fun here!

This is yet another skirt that I’ve been doing the basket dance with for a while now: I swear Topshop will bankrupt me if they continue to release full midi skirts like this – they’re the one item of clothing I just can’t resist. Well, them and stripe tops, one of which I’ve also included in this outfi: I don’t even like to think about how many stripe tops I own now, but I just keep on buying them!


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