Possibly the prettiest wellies you’ll ever see

pretty wellies by Ted Baker

Ted Baker floral wellington boots


The Shoes: Ted Baker floral Wellington boots, $150

“Pretty” isn’t a word I’m used to using in the same sentence as “wellies” – or “Wellington boots”, to give them their correct title. Actually, Wellington boots aren’t the kind of footwear I’m used to writing about AT ALL: stilettos are generally much more my speed, but I’m writing this post with the rain battering against the windows, and it’s only going to get wetter as the autumn progresses, so these rain boots are a practical choice, as well as being a surprisingly pretty one.

A mint green background and a floral watercolour print make these the kind of rain boots you might actually look forward to wearing, as opposed to pulling on grudgingly. The fresh florals give them a very spring-like feel, which is, admittedly, out of place in October, but I’ve never really held with the idea that certain colours can or should only be worn at certain times of year. I actually love winter pastels, and as long as the fabrics are appropriate for the weather, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t keep on wearing them for as long as you want to.

Of course, the normal “rules” of fashion don’t really apply to wellies anyway: they’re hardly the kind of footwear you’d use to make a fashion statement, and they’re not the kind of boots you’d necessarily build an outfit around, either. Instead, they tend to be the boots you wear out of necessity (and with whatever you happen to be wearing that day, regardless of whether it “goes” or not), and change out of once you get to where you’re going. These ones were pretty enough for me to want to style them, though, and here’s the result:

rainy day outfit featuring floral wellington boots

The Style: jeans // top // sunglasses // phone case 

This is also a very spring-like look, but it cheers me up just to look at it, so who cares? Oh, and for those of you wondering why on earth you’d need sunglasses AND wellington boots: welcome to Scotland, where you frequently need both, at exactly the same time!

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