Lola Ramona ‘Ketty’ wedge sandals

wedge sandals by Lola Ramona with stripe heel and polka dot bow

wedge sandals with stripe heel and polka dot bow

Lola Ramona sandals, £96.99

When it comes to making cute, slightly kitsch shoes, Lola Ramona wrote the book. I’ve shown you a few pairs from their latest collection recently, all of which make great use of things like polka dots, stripes, and some truly wonderful bows – all of my favourite things!

As I’ve mentioned previously when writing about this brand, their designs are a little too cutesy for me to wear personally, but I do love to admire them from afar: they’re the kind of shoes which just can’t fail to put a smile on my face, and make the day feel a little bit brighter.

As for these particular shoes, well, there’s a whole lot going on with them: a stripe wedge heel in four different colours (some of which I would never have considered putting together until I saw these), a two-tone ankle strap, a giant, polka dot bow. On paper it sounds like they have all the makings of a rather messy, busy design, but actually, I think it all comes together fabulously well, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all how much I love that bow, do I? I wish I could steal it, and wear it on EVERYTHING…

My main problem with these shoes is the ankle strap. If shoes MUST have a strap at ankle height, I prefer it to be a very thin, high one: straps in this shape always look a little matronly to me, somehow, but I think the colours and prints make up for it in this case, so it’s not a deal breaker, and I’m sure it’ll make the shoe feel a lot more comfortable and secure on the foot.

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