Aldo ‘Cecile’ two-tone asymmetric strap shoes

taupe and black shoes taupe shoes with asymmetric strap

Aldo ‘Cecile’, $80

It’s no secret that I love combinations of taupe and black (in clothing as well as in shoes), and Aldo seem to love those combinations too, because when I look back through the archives of this site, I see that a lot of the taupe/black shoes I’ve featured have come from that very brand.

Well, here’s another one to add to the list: these ‘Cecile’ sandals combine a black patent heel with a beige front, and top everything off with a thick, asymmetric strap: another thing I love!

I always think this kind of style makes for a very elegant, classic look, which makes me want to wear these with sharp, tailored pieces: think pencil skirts or cigarette pants, say, for an office or evening appropriate look.

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