ASOS PUNTY Suede Cork Platform Court Shoe

Punty. For some reason, this word fascinated me, so while I’m sure probably intended it to be simply a fun shoe name (Kinda like the way Faith are always calling their shoes ‘Blippy’ or ‘Booby’ or somesuch) I decided to look it up on Urban Dictionary, which defines a “punty” as:

“A person who is short, and tries to make up for it by acting extremely angry and aggressive towards taller people.  You will often times hear a punty person talking about how bad it sucks to be short.”

So, now you know! You’ll definitely be a little less short in these shoes, because they have a 5.2″ heel and 1.3″ platform so that’s one thing sorted. As for being aggressive towards taller people, well, that would be very naughty, so don’t do it, OK?

And now, every time I look at these shoes, I will imagine them walking up to a taller pair of shoes (yes, I know it’s hard to imagine a taller pair of shoes) and getting all aggressive. I love a shoe with personality!

These are £40. Get them here.


  • Oh, I saw them… My God, I didn’t notice the strange name… I was just looking for a blue pair of shoes (that you saw they offer too…) But… I don’t want to be seen as punty! And yes, I’m short (5’2, approximately…) and yes, many times I did complain about being short… now it’s OK! But punty? Aggressive? Nooo… I can’t buy these shoes anymore, cause I will always think of this expression! Lol!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Sunday break #2 =-.

  • OMG so punty people have short man syndrome! You learn something new every day 🙂 I think the cork platforms don’t quite match the shoe here.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Bee =-.

  • this shoe would be seemingly perfect for a “dressy casual” event…the suede being dressy…the cork being casual…

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