Karen Millen navy sequin bow shoes

So, earlier this year, I won a competition (I know!) and the prize was a Karen Millen gift card. Which I still haven’t used, because, in keeping with the premise behind my Shoe Challenge, and also a similar kind of wardrobe challenge I’ve been doing for the past few months, I thought the sensible thing to do would be to resist the lure of the beautiful eveningwear currently available on the website, and wait until something came along that I’d actually get the chance to wear.

Then this dress appeared:

This dress was hard to resist. It was very, very hard. I may even have wept, a little. But, “Shoeper,” I told myself, “Be strong! Resist the lure of the dress, because you know perfectly well that unless your life changes dramatically at some point in the next few months, and you suddenly become the kind of person who goes to glamorous parties every night of the week, you will never, ever wear it. And even although it wouldn’t actually cost you anything, it would still be a waste. Also: as soon as you spend the credit on a dress you’ll never wear, you just KNOW a dress you WOULD wear will come along, and you won’t be able to afford it because you used up your gift card. So step away from the screen, and leave the poor thing alone.”

So I did. And then, two days later? Along came the matching shoes. Oh, THE SHOES! So pretty! So sparkly! So totally the kind of thing I love! But… navy. And also: dressy. So very, very dressy. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE navy. For day wear, I’m obsessed with navy. I’d be obsessed with it for evening wear too, except I never buy evening wear any more, on account of the whole “never wearing it” scenario outlined above. And as gorgeous as they are, the dressy nature of these shoes would make them really difficult for me to incorporate into the challenge, sadly, which means one of you guys will have to step up to the plate and buy them, just so I can enjoy them vicariously through you. Any volunteers?

Karen Millen sequin bow shoes, £130


  • The dress is a little too fussy for me (I don’t look good with bows draped across my front) but those shoes!!! How could you pass them up?

  • I really need a pair of these shoes i have the navy dress for my brothers weeding in 2 weeks but cant get the shoes can anyone help size 8 !!!!

  • I got them! I am wearing them at my wedding later in the year – there is a Karen Millen store at Chadstone in Melbourne, Australia

  • I so love these shoes and I am trying to find them atm!

    I have bought the dress and now and desperately searching for the shoes and bags to match. Need them in 5 weeks time for Melbourne Cup on 2nd of November 2010.

    I am searching every website and ebay available and am after a size 8 Australia (Size 5 UK or even 4.5).

    Can anyone help?

  • Hi Pamela, They have these shoes in the Karen Millen store in Portsmouth, they’re reduced to £39, not sure if they would send them to you, might be worth phoning them, +4423 9281 2446. I don’t know what size they had them in, (I asked for an 8 which they didn’t have) but the ones on display looked reasonably small

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