Pink lace bow sandals from Dorothy Perkins

pink jelly sandals

Dorothy Perkins sandals, $22

With my vacation looming on the horizon, my mind is firmly on holiday shoes: sandals, wedges, and all of those other styles I just can’t get through a summer vacation without.

One of the styles on that list is the humble flip-flop/thong/whatever you want to call it. I know a lot of people really hate these, but while I wouldn’t necessarily wear them for day-to-day life, I find them invaluable on vacation: they’re the perfect shoes to keep by your sun-lounger,so you can get up and walk around without fear of stubbing your toe or stepping on something sharp, but they’re generally waterproof and inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet, either. (Oh, and hopefully this won’t happen to you, but if you end up in a hotel that’s less-than-luxurious, or are staying in a hostel and sharing a bathroom, say, you can even wear them in the shower if you want to.)

These ones by Dorothy Perkins are perfect for all of those things, and they’re also cute, which doesn’t hurt. I love the little lace-effect bow, and I’m also keen on the colour, although if you’re not, these also come in black.

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