ASOS ‘Ponder’ floral high heels

floral high heels ASOS floral high heel shoes

ASOS ‘Ponder’, £30

I wasn’t sure about these shoes until I saw the photo of them on the model: thank you, ASOS, for showing us what your shoes look like on – it sometimes makes all the difference!

In the case of these shoes, while I generally like floral prints, I’m less of a fan of straps, which I think can look ever-so-slightly dated on pointed shoes. The asymmetric strap on these shoes, however, works really well, and helps make an already interesting shoe even more unusual. These have a 4.5″ stiletto heel, and are a slip on style, with the elasticated strap stretching to accommodate the foot. Just how comfortable they’ll be at the end of the day remains to be seen: I tend to find that straps which hit at the bridge of the foot can tend to chafe after a while, but hopefully the fabric uppers on these will have enough give to be comfortable.

These are just £30, and I think they look great with the jeans shown on the ASOS model, although they’ll also work easily with more tailored styles.

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