Lex Shoether: Marc Jacobs Raffia Flower Heel with Fringe

A few weeks ago, my dad suggested that if there was a shoeper-villian of the shoe world, it would, of course, be called “Lex Shoether”, after Lex Luther. He’s right: and I think these Marc Jacobs sandals are true Lex Shoethers, because while the front is unoffensive, if uninspiring, the heel… oh, that heel! It looks likes something a little kid would put together on the craft table in a fit of boredom one day, doesn’t it? Visit the Marc Jacobs website and zoom in on the heel to see what I mean.

The fact is, however, that these are $840. Which is an awful lot more than I’d be prepared to pay for something that looks like the product of craft hour. If you DO like them, however, you have two choices:

a) Make your own version, out of a pair of old sandals, some sticky tape and the leftover tinsel from last Christmas.

b) Click here and hand over $840. The choice is yours.


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