Miss Selfridge Francisco tan wooden heeled sandals


Miss Selfridge Francisco tan wooden heeled sandals, £36

Shoes like these are pretty munch the only thing I can find to like about the ongoing 70s fashion revival. I know most people seem to be fully embracing it, and are really enjoying the different styles, but flares and tie-dye have never been my thing, so I’m mostly just sitting it out, and waiting patiently for it to be over.

I may not like the clothes, however, but I DO like these shoes. No, they’re not the kind of thing that make me instantly add them to my shopping back (like, say, yesterday’s shoe pick), but they ARE the kind of style I know I’d wear constantly if I owned them. I’ve talked a lot about how versatile tan is, and how great it is for spring summer, but the style of these, although vaguely 70s-inspired, is one we see almost every year, and with good reason: it’s a style that’s reasonably casual, but which can still be dressed up, and it looks equally good with blue jeans (flared or otherwise), or something like a white summer dress. I also think the heel/platform combination should be reasonably comfortable too, although the proof of that will be in the wearing!

You’d think I’d be saving a lot of money while this whole 70s thing is going on, but you’d be wrong about that: the shops may be full of 70s-inspired clothing, but you can still find plenty of other styles too, thankfully. From Miss Selfridge, for instance, I also have my eye on this stripe midi skirt:

stripe midi skirt

This is ALSO the kind of thing I’d wear constantly, and actually, come to think of it, it would work pretty well with those tan sandals, too. Hmmm…

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