4 Pairs of ASOS shoes you’ll want to buy right this second

I give you fair warning, shoe lovers: you should read this post at your peril, because if you’re anything like me (and I know at least a few of you who ARE), as soon as you see some of the shoes I have to show you today, you’re going to want to spend a whole lot of money on shoes. Like these ones, for instance:


I mean, I thought the heart-front flats I showed you last week were going to be hard enough to resit, but then they go and make a pair with heels? And not only that, but super-cute heels, with a pink glitter heart, shot through with a silver arrow? Do they think I’m made of steel or something? Because I’m pretty sure that’s Superman they’re thinking of, if so…)

But that’s not all I have to show you. No, there’s also these:

ASOS PLAYER Pointed High Heels

And these:

ASOS PLAYER Pointed High Heels

OK, so those two are actually the same  shoe, just in different colours. I couldn’t decide which I preferred though, so I’m sure you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me for showing you them both, so YOU can decide. These ones, however, are different:

ASOS Harminise bow-front heeled sandals

I think these are probably my favourites of this little selection: those bows are to die for, and I also like the pink/multi pattern on the rest of the upper, which so fun and spring-like. These also come in gold, but it’s the pink version that’s won my heart – and it’s the pink version that’s found its way onto my ASOS Wish List, too – whoops. One of these days I’m going to crack and hit the “add all to basket” link, and what an amazing -and extremely expensive – day that will be.

One thing’s for sure, though: I think ASOS have definitely cemented their reputation as my favourite high street shoe retailer: for this month, at least.

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