The Tan Ankle Boots You’ll Wear Every Day

tan ankle boots

It’s testament to how much my style has changed recently that these tan ankle boots from Miss Selfridge are actually one of the most interesting pairs of shoes I’ve seen all month. No, they’re not shiny stilettos, or strappy sandals (I do still LIKE both of those styles, by the way: I mean, I haven’t changed THAT much!), and I’m guessing they’ll probably seem a bit dull to some of you by comparison, but I love them – and if I owned them, they’re the kind of shoes I can imagine wearing almost every day. Well, every day during autumn and winter, anyway: when spring finally rolls around, nothing will part me from my peep toes, but until then, these would work with all of the jeans and dresses that are on constant rotation, so I can only hope they’d be sturdy enough to stand up to the constant use!

I’d mostly wear these with jeans, as I mentioned, and I think they’d look particularly good with a classic Breton stripe (either a dress or a top), and maybe a camel coat for now, and a lightweight trench for later in the year. If tan isn’t one of your “neutrals” however, these black ankle boots are also very cute:

black ankle boots

One of the things I like most about both of these boots is the gold hardware: it’s a nice contrast against the black and tan uppers, and it also helps give the boots a more expensive feel – even although they’re faux leather, and only £45 each. I know a lot of people can be rather snobby about faux leather, but while it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice of upper, as long as it doesn’t have that “cheap shoe” smell to it (I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean here!), I actually don’t mind it too much: and the plus side is that it can be very hard wearing, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes!

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