Miu Miu red patent bow-embellished patent-leather pumps

Miu Miu red patent bow-embellished patent-leather pumps

These shoes are so beautiful I just had to make Shoeperman stop what he was doing to come and look at them. Shoeperman wasn’t remotely interested, to be absolutely honest: in fact, when pressed on the subject, his main observations were “they’re very red” and “that’s a really big bow”… which is accurate, I guess, but which really doesn’t even begin to sum up the beauty that is this shoe, does it?

If these were from a cheaper brand, they’d have been in my online shopping basket and on their way to me before you could so much as blink: alas, however, cheaper brands never seem to manage to pull off this kind of style – we have to leave that to Miu Miu, who’ve been making bows like this for years now, and who just seem to get better and better at it. Even without the bow, the shint patent upper and curved heel on these shoes would’ve made them show-stoppers: with it, however, I actually think I’m going to  have to look away from the screen, because they’re just too tempting.

On the subject of bright red, however, Miu Miu have quite a lot of it available at the moment, and as it would all go perfectly with the shoes (I know a lot of people don’t like the “one colour” look, but I do, so…), here are just a few pieces. There’s this red wool coat, for instance:

Miu Miu red wool coat

It would be all you’d need to brighten up what’s left of the winter, and if you need something to wear under it, the wool crepe mini skirt looks pretty sweet, too:

wool crepe mini skirt

There’s also a sweet little heart-print cashmere sweater, and a red and navy stripe top – just in case you’d like to introduce at least one other colour into your enemble!


  • Miu Miu (Prada) better have made sufficient quantities of these heels in my size, so that I can at least have a chance to buy my pair and a few back-up pairs with them. The radiance of the red patent leather is stunning, the pointed toe offers a view into divinity, and the height and shape of the heel is so close to perfect, it amply qualifies. The bow adds a stellar touch to the look of these classic pumps, which is the style I can’t have enough pairs.

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