Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 2: You Stud

What: River Island studded ankle boots
When: Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
Where:  Newhailes House, Musselburgh
With: Dress and top, both Primark


I promised myself I’d try and get a head start on the challenge this year by wearing as many pairs of boots as I can before Spring arrives (could be a long wait, mind you, given that Spring didn’t “arrive” until about August last year, and even then, it only lasted about three days), so I took the opportunity to save these studded ankle boots from River Island yesterday, while Shoeperman and I were out and about.

(They got a bit muddy in the February weather. Sorry, boots…)

If you’ve been reading this site (or my personal blog) for any length of time at all, you’ll already be sick to death of this dress, which is why I only got a couple of photos of it:

Finally, a quick shout-out to our location, Newhailes House:

The house itself is closed to the public during the winter months, but the grounds are nice to walk around – and I had a lot of fun looking for ghostly faces in all of those windows. (I didn’t see any. Probably a good thing, to be honest…)

Here’s a quick look at how I’ve worn these pieces before:


And lastly, if you haven’t already seen it, here is a video of the boots.


  • I love those boots, they are perfect. And yeah, I’ve seen that dress a couple of times already, but it’s so pretty it doesn’t matter! =) You look beautiful, as always.

  • I love the dress – looks really versatile, same goes for the boots. Very rock chick chic.

    I’m planning my next saves with plans for tomorrow (loose) and Saturday (firm). I’m even sorting new shoe storage so I have easier access and a visual reminder to save my babies.

  • Lovely outfit! The dress is so beautiful, I wouldn’t mind seeing it often! The shoes are great, too. And I agree with Andy, please keep up the remixed pictures.

  • It’s nice to see people re-ware clothes. I hate that people feel shame for wearing a garment again. And that third photo is very cute.

    I managed to save a pair today! Woohoo.

    • Me too – I actually feel the same way about clothes as I do about shoes – they should be worn, not just bought and then left to hang in the closet, or worn once and then never seen again because you’re too embarrased to be seen in the same thing twice!

      • I agree that it’s nice to see when items are so loved they’re worn over & over again. I hate when I end up buying things that end up sitting in my closet, but that usually only happens if they’re too fancy for everyday occasions, or if they end up fitting poorly as my weight changes.

  • I really love the photographs you are taking for the shoe challenge. I really need to pull my finger out… Or pull my foot out and get it in a boot!

  • awesome boots! I’d love to wear boots like these but usually I get comfy and just wear flat boots most of winter. Cause Prague streets can be cruel (cobber stone sidewalks aaaargh!) admire you for the courage to wear high-heeled boots:)

  • Love the dress, don’t mind seeing it again, and I really liked the remixed feature, hope to see it again.

    Loved the second photo, such a cute expression, and I love how you just casually hold onto the tree (I would probably be holding on to the branch with both my hands and look terrified, as I do not like heights!)

    Looking forward to the first shoeper challenge round-up, and I’m still contemplating if I should join of not. I would end up almost exclusively featuring flats and kitten heels if I did.

    • I was actually hanging onto that branch for grim death – that wall was much higher than it looks, definitely not made for climbing in 5″ heels!
      No reason why you can’t wear flats/kitten heels for the challenge – one of the thing I’ve been really enjoying from the photos people have submitted so far is how much variety there is in the different types of footwear: I almost exclusively wear heels myself, so it’s good to be able to give some other styles some airspace too 🙂

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