Steve Madden ‘Hayven’ nude and coral platform slingbacks

nude peep toe slingback shoes

nude peep toe shoes

Steve Madden ‘Hayven’, £80.70

I WAS going to call this a “Shoe Deja Vu” post, but given that these shoes are by Steve Madden, I guess you can take it as read that they’re probably “inspired by” SOMETHING, no?

The shoes these gave me deja vu over are a pair Zara released last year, and given the similar price-points between the two brands, I’m going to assume this is a “made-in-the-same-factory” situation rather than a “blatant copying” one. I really loved the Zara shoes, and lost count of the times I tried them on, talked myself out of buying them, and then put them back. Of course, as is always the way of things, I finally decided to go for it at the exact moment they sold out for good, and if you’ve ever been in that situation, I’m sure you can share my pain.

If you’ve ever been in that situation with THOSE VERY SHOES, however, you can rejoice, because these look pretty much identical, and they’re available to buy right now, at Sarenza. If they ARE identical to the Zara version, I can promise you that they look much better on than they do in the photo, too!

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  • But the pin heel! Mind you, my very first pair of Louboutins had a pin heel so maybe I don’t dislike them as much as I say I do. Really like the shape and colour of these.

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