Shoe Kryptonite: Casadei Blade pumps with bow

red suede Casadei Blade pumps with gold heel

red casadei Blade pumps with bow
Casadei 'Blade' stiletto heel

Casadei ‘Blade’, £620

The winter collections are starting to arrive at Louisa Via Roma, and some of my other favourite online shopping destinations. This makes me sad, especially given that summer has only just started, because who wants to look at winter shoes when there are all of those summer ones still waiting to be worn? On the plus side, however, it does mean we get to look at the latest version of Casadei’s famous ‘Blade’ pumps, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re almost beautiful enough to make winter seem a little less bleak. Almost.

I like these so much I’ve designated them Shoe Kryptonite. This is no small accolade, because honestly, I didn’t really think this shoe could be improved upon. I’ve always been a huge fan of the pointed toe, and that dangerous-looking ‘blade’ stiletto heel, and the sweetheart vamp on this summer’s versions was the perfect icing on the cake. As it turns out, however, you CAN make a good thing better, and Casadei have done it in two ways:

1. The red suede upper

2. The bow. Oh my gosh, THAT BOW.

Actually, I’m referring to this particular embellishment as a “bow” purely because that’s what Louisa Via Roma have called it. If it IS a bow, however, it’s a very stylised one, and I absolutely love it. The shape has a decadent, dramatic feel to it, and the pop of purple against the red upper is just perfect.

I think that’s probably more than enough gushing from me, so I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, and leave you to admire these at your leisure. I know I will be…

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