Ravel ‘Helen’ lace platform pumps

Lace platform shoes by Ravel

I think of shoes like these as “rocking horse platforms”. I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from with this, no? That sloping platform looks like it’s ready to rock (and possibly roll) at any second, and be the best! fun! ever!

Obviously shoes which “rock” in the literal sense of the word may not be exactly what you’re looking for: my experience with this kind of platform is that they can be a little harder to walk in than normal, (purely because there’s a little less of the sole in contact with the ground) but only a very little bit, and if you’re an expert in the fine art of walking in heels, then I’m sure you’ll have no problems at all

As for the rest of this shoe, well, they have lace-covered uppers trimmed with patent, which cuts away at each side, creating that little dip you see to the side. The heel is almost 6″, which is about as high as it gets (outside of the, um, speciality shoe brands), so, you know, be careful up there.

These are by Ravel, and they’re £60 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


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