Walter Steiger purple suede curved heel pumps

purple curved heel pumps

There’s really only one thing worth mentioning here, isn’t there?

Well, actually, no, that’s not quite fair: that vibrant purple suede is too beautiful not to comment on. But let’s face it: the colour isn’t going to be the main talking point with these shoes, because all eyes will be on that amazing curved heel.

I say “amazing”. Personally, I always think that shoes like this look like there’s something wrong with them… or as if the sheer weight of the person wearing them has forced them to buckle under the strain. That makes these not really viable as a “real life” purchase for me (even if they weren’t $750), but as something to look at? Hell, yes. I could look at them aaaalllll day. Or at least until I was distracted by something shiny at Kurt Geiger or Christian Louboutin, anyway.

If you want to buy them, just click here!


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