Red Herring red spotted slingback pumps

red polka dot slingbacks
red dot slingback flats

Red Herring flats, £12.80

I know Minnie Mouse wears yellow shoes, not red ones, but all I could think when I first saw these was that they were TOTAL ”Minnie” shoes, right now to the slightly cartoonish shape of the bow.

Of course, I”ve never allowed the idea of looking like Minnie Mouse put me off a pair of shoes, and I would wear these in a heartbeat: maybe not with black tights and a polka dot skirt, mind you, but try something a little less “Minnie-esque” (I”m thinking jeans and a t-shirt, but let your imagination run wild…) and they”ll be the perfect finishing touch.

Perhaps the best thing about these is that they”re only £12.50 on sale, and, at the time of writing, they”re still available in all sizes. Go get ’em!

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  • Love these! I frequently go to work dressed as Minnie Mouse (not literally, you understand), it’s become a bit of a running joke. That’s what you get for loving red and polka dots! I don’t mind though. Minnie rocked a good polka dot.

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