Roland Cartier blue satin bow sandals

blue satin shoes with bow

Roland Cartier sandals, £27

According to the Debenhams website, these shoes have a 110mm heel, which is just over 4″. This surprises me, because they REALLY don’t look that high, or anything like it: in fact, I was just about to describe them as “kitten heels” until I decided to double-check the product description.

The heel height (and the metal tip, which has never been my favourite feature on a shoe) is the only thing that puts me off these, though. I love the cobalt blue upper, I adore the shape of the bow, and I also really like the way they’re offset from the toe, creating a nice, elegant silhouette.

These have been reduced from £55 to just £27, and although I’m reserving my final judgement on them until I see them in person (I’m still not sure about that heel, which looks to me like it needs an extra inch at least) that’s a pretty good deal for such a cute little pair of shoes!

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  • That bow and that shade of blue is just gorgeous! I’m with you on the heel though, it doesn’t sit quite right with me. It takes the elegance away and ages them some how.

  • I wore these to a wedding 2 years ago they were so comfortable very elegant the heel was just right didn’t have too take them off once

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