Eek! ‘Timeless’ leopard stud platforms from Oli


You know, there are LOTS of words I could use to describe these shoes, but I’m not “timeless” is one of them. Black pumps are timeless. Red ballet flats are timeless. These, on the other hand, look like they’ve been brutally attacked by every trend going. “Studs! Studs are fashionable! Throw some on! And leopard print! Can we have some leopard print? Also, a gigantic platform and a bow! There, done!”

The sad thing is that, without the animal print on the heel, which looks seriously out of place to me, these shoes would’ve been perfectly acceptable. I might even have liked them. As they are, though, it’s all just a bit too much – and anything but “timeless”!

Oli ‘Timeless’ stud platforms, £45


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