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There”s no Friday Fix this week, unfortunately: I just didn”t have time to get round to it, for reasons you can read about over at Forever Amber, if you”re particularly curious. I did, however, manage to continue documenting my week in shoes, so here”s what I’ve been wearing:

Sunday: Buffalo sandals, c/o Spartoo [buy them]

Saturday: Polka dot sandals from Charlotte Russe (old)

Monday: Studio TMLS ”Louanne” c/o Sarenza

Wednesday: Dune ”Benefit” c/o Sarenza [still available here]

Thursday: Office ”Ophelia” [sold out in mint, but available in white here]

When you work from home, you get used to the fact that some days it will be so busy/rainy/whatever that you just won’t leave the house all day. Tuesday was one of those days for me: it was both busy AND rainy, and so stressful that I considered it a small success that I managed to put CLOTHES on, let alone shoes. I did manage to get fully dressed every other day, though, and even got in some summer sandals at the start of the week: I WAS going to try to make EVERY day a polka-dot-shoes day, but I decided that might be a bit lame, so I decided to add some other colours and prints too!

Hope everyone had a great week: here”s to an even better weekend!

ShoeperWoman x


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